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Our AI writer combines our expert marketing and SEO team’s knowledge and ChatGPT to create optimized articles ready to publish to your blog. Personalize the output to match your brand with settings for length, tone, language, external links, keywords, point of view, and more!

SEOPilot AI Writer

How SEOPilot Works

AI Writer Features

Crafted by SEO Experts to Create Quality Content

Discover the next frontier in content creation and boost your online presence with the ability to publish articles in minutes.

Research & Citations

Link to authoritative sources in your article with contextual external links added into your article

Human-like Content

Our engineers have honed our prompts to create high-quality articles aligned with your audience.

Publish to your blog

Our engineers have honed our prompts to create high-quality articles aligned with your audience.


Augment Your Blog with the Genius of AI

What if you didn’t need to know all of the elements that make up a great article that will rank?  SEO Pilot’s AI Writer can create one for you, all you need to do is provide an article title!

SEO Mastery
Publish to WordPress
Effortless Publication

Publish Articles with a Single Click

Publish articles that captivate, educate, and inspire, all with a single click directly to your WordPress site.

Audience Targeting

Define your language, country, and point of view with confidence as you create your pillar content.

Rank and Authority

Generate articles centered around your keywords and include external links to help establish credibility and authority.

Tailored Content

Articles with the structure you want - control the article length and if you want an introduction, conclusion, FAQ, a feature image, and more!

WordPress Integration

WordPress Integration

WordPress can seamlessly integrate with SEOPilot's content platform. Once connected, you can easily publish WordPress posts directly from SEOPilot.

Workspaces and Teams

Workspaces & Teams

Have multiple brands, topics, or products you need to write content about? No problem, you can create multiple workspaces to keep your content separate. Have multiple team members? Invite them to the workspaces they need access to.

View Sample Articles

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Why does our AI Writer content rank in Google?

There are many stigmas against using AI generated content, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use our AI Writer’s content on your blog and and here are some explanations why:

Google’s algorithms favor content that gives the best answer, whether created by humans or AI

SEO Pilot's text delivers high-quality answers by aligning closely with user queries. Engineered for accuracy, coherence, and context relevance, it rivals human-generated content in Google search results, as Google values relevance to users over who created it.

Google requires content that prioritizes users over search engines. If AI content manipulates rankings, Google may take punitive action

We customize prompts for valuable and user-friendly content. Our system removes common AI patterns, making the output more human-like and enhancing search quality. Our writer produces authoritative content through research and external linking, following Google's guidelines instead of trying to game the system.

What Can You Create with our AI Writer?

Every blog thrives on a diverse set of articles. At SEOPilot, we strive to create prompts that create the best content for the variety of content that you would want to put into your blog.

Informative Articles

Blogs need content that informs and educates readers that can help establish you as an authority. SEO Pilot is designed to create top-notch, valuable articles that benefit your audience.


Make simple step-by-step guides for completing specific tasks or solving issues. This applies to various industries and niches, including development and coding.

Listicles & Guides

Lay out the options and assist your customers in selecting the best product for them.

How to create an Article

SEO Pilot will Research and Generate Your Article

AI Writer Create UI

Better than ChatGPT

Why is SEO Pilot Better than ChatGPT?

SEOPilot AI Writer Regular ChatGPT
Generate Titles with 1-Click
Generate Titles


Select Your Plan

Uncover the full potential of SEO Pilot, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re just starting your writing journey or a seasoned professional, we have a plan crafted for you.


SaaS & Chrome Extension Plan
  • Advanced AI Writer (SaaS)
  • 30 Articles / Month
  • 1 User
  • 1 Workspace
  • 1 Site Connected
  • 1 Article Cluster
  • Folders
  • Schedule Post
  • Extension Access (Contact Info & AI Writer)


SaaS & Chrome Extension Plan
  • Advanced AI Writer (SaaS)
  • Unlimited Articles
  • 25 Users
  • 25 Workspaces
  • 25 Sites Connected
  • 25 Article Clusters
  • Folders
  • Schedule Post
  • Extension Access (Contact Info & AI Writer)
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Why People Love Us

I used to use SEO Minion for my On-Page SEO research and websites. This came out and it really made me feel better about my On-Page stuff! Highly recommended.
Karan P

Karan P


I love this tool! It’s got a great out-of-the way design, it’s usability is awesome, and it collects useful data about the page.

Sony C

Sony C


Great FREE alternative for getting On-Page SEO for my own articles as well as my competitors. Other Competitor extensions have moved to being paid, so this is a good free option.

Chris P

Chris P


This is an amazing extension and it’s freeee! This simplifies On-Page SEO analysis, checks broken links, and enhances link visibility. A must-have for SEO tasks!

Abhi J

Abhi J


It’s a great tool, as a designer, i can easily grab a lot of information and assets such images, fonts, even their website structure.

Indra P

Indra P


A Game-Changer for SEO Management!
As an SEO professional, I have been using the SEO Pilot Extension for a while now, and it has truly revolutionized the way I manage my SEO tasks. This extension is an absolute game-changer!

Ali F

Ali F


Awesome! It’s so much useful to find any websites summary, headings, internal external links, broken links and many more! Its highly recommended to increase your SEO ranking! And the AI part!!! In a word, mind blowing! I’ve always wanted something simple and effective that gets the job done! Keep your good work coming!

Tushar H

Tushar H


I’m loving this extension. SEO Minion is now paid and I’ve been searching for an alternative. SEO Pilot is now by go to on-page SEO tool. It’s pretty amazing!

Caption Copy HQ

Caption Copy HQ


TBH used plugins of SEO plugins including SEO Minion, by far this plugin exceeded all my expectations and is GREATTTT!

Sheel P

Sheel P


Got Questions? We've Got Answers

SEOPilot is an SEO-focused content generation SaaS platform that utilizes ChatGPT, a sophisticated AI language model, to create SEO-friendly articles and content. With one-click publishing, users can easily publish their generated articles. 

SEO Pilot also has a companion Chrome Extension to help analyze and optimize existing content.

Yes!  Our Marketing and SEO teams have partnered with our Prompt engineers to create prompts that create optimized content for your target audience.

Our AI Writer is currently supported by ChatGPT with a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) structure where you input your own ChatGPT API key into our system.  When generating content, you can select which language model you want to use (GPT-3.5 or GPT-4).

Of course!  You can customize many output options including the output language, country, tone, point of view as well as configure many structural options like what keywords to target, external links to include, and whether you want an introduction, conclusion, table of contents, FAQ, and featured image.

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