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The SEOPilot Chrome Extension allows you to check meta-data and display key SEO information for the best SEO as well as generate AI written articles based on an existing page in one click!

SEOPilot SEO Metrics with AI Writer

How The SEOPilot Chrome Extension Works

All in one SEO CHROME browser add-on

All On-Page SEO Covered

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Analyze On-Page SEO

Analyze On-Page SEO issues for any webpage: Meta Tags, Headings, Open Graph etc

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Find Broken Links

Check all Broken Links on a page and categorize them based on Status Codes

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Analyze Internal & External Links

Improve the search visibility and rank of the website by analyze their internal & external links

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On-Page SEO Feature - Image Info
On-Page SEO Feature - Social Sharing Info
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Extract Heading Structure

Clear and concise headings are important for SEO - they help users navigate and find relevant content

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Retrieve Img Info

Get image information such as the image size (to ensure image has been compressed), alt text, and anchor text

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OpenGraph & Twitter Share Data

Verify social metadata so your content appears the way you want it on social

Contact Information

Retrieve Contact Information

Use our Chrome extension to retrieve email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles from any page.

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Email Addresses

Extract all emails found on the page and export them to CSV. Build lists and use them for outreach campaigns or to suggest partnerships.

Contact Information Screenshot - Social Profile URLs

Social Profile URLs

Understand a site’s social presence by extracting all social URLs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Contact Information Screenshot - Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

Automatically scan the page for phone numbers and export them so you can reach out to site owners. Ring ring.

Chrome EXTENSION AI Writer

Meet Our AI Writer

Our AI Writer within the Chrome Extension enables you to take an existing page as inspiration to generate a new article.  Want to take an existing top-ranking page and create something similar or want to re-write some of your existing pages?  No problem, our AI Writer does exactly that.  Sign up with a Paid plan on SEOPilot to access this feature!

1. Extract Headings

Retrieve headings from an existing webpage inside your current browser tab.

2. Refine Outline

Customize the headers (H1-H6) to suit your needs. Remove, re-write, or add your own new headings.

3. Generate Article

Our AI Writer will then craft an SEO-optimized article based on your input. You can then export and publish your article on your website or wherever you need.

AI Writer Step01 Extract Headings
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We Focus on Core SEO

Whether you run a startup, SMB, or a large brand, SEOPilot focuses on these key aspects to help you with your SEO efforts, no matter your size.

Easy to Use
Easy to use & understand

With SEOPilot, we aim to make SEO and what it takes to make a page or site rank accessible to both beginners and experts alike.

Related Data
Related & Competitor Data

Optimizing your content means looking at related terms as well as competitor pages that rank for the same keywords. We provide the tools to retrieve the right information that will boost your content.

Key SEO Metrics
Key SEO Metrics

Get the SEO information that matters for your content, including page metadata, image, and link information.

Content At Scale
Content at Scale

It's easy to create one article that ranks, but what about for all of the keywords you need to ensure your brand's success? We work to include the best tools to help produce all your content.

Blog, News & Tool Guides

Free Learning Materials

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Tool Guides

Just in case you need a quick help with our tools.

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More than the ultimate glossary of SEO terms.

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The knowledge hub for SEO enthusiasts. Fresh from the internet.


Why People Love Us

I used to use SEO Minion for my On-Page SEO research and websites. This came out and it really made me feel better about my On-Page stuff! Highly recommended.
Karan P

Karan P


I love this tool! It’s got a great out-of-the way design, it’s usability is awesome, and it collects useful data about the page.

Sony C

Sony C


Great FREE alternative for getting On-Page SEO for my own articles as well as my competitors. Other Competitor extensions have moved to being paid, so this is a good free option.

Chris P

Chris P


This is an amazing extension and it’s freeee! This simplifies On-Page SEO analysis, checks broken links, and enhances link visibility. A must-have for SEO tasks!

Abhi J

Abhi J


It’s a great tool, as a designer, i can easily grab a lot of information and assets such images, fonts, even their website structure.

Indra P

Indra P


A Game-Changer for SEO Management!
As an SEO professional, I have been using the SEO Pilot Extension for a while now, and it has truly revolutionized the way I manage my SEO tasks. This extension is an absolute game-changer!

Ali F

Ali F


Awesome! It’s so much useful to find any websites summary, headings, internal external links, broken links and many more! Its highly recommended to increase your SEO ranking! And the AI part!!! In a word, mind blowing! I’ve always wanted something simple and effective that gets the job done! Keep your good work coming!

Tushar H

Tushar H


I’m loving this extension. SEO Minion is now paid and I’ve been searching for an alternative. SEO Pilot is now by go to on-page SEO tool. It’s pretty amazing!

Caption Copy HQ

Caption Copy HQ


TBH used plugins of SEO plugins including SEO Minion, by far this plugin exceeded all my expectations and is GREATTTT!

Sheel P

Sheel P

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