In order to use any of our AI Writer features inside of the SaaS Application or the Chrome Extension, you must be subscribed to a paid plan that supports the AI Writer feature you’d like to use. Please ensure your SEOPilot account is subscribed to a supported plan.

SEO Pilot has two AI Writers:

  • The Chrome Extension AI Writer – This AI Writer is built into the Chrome extension and provides users with a quick way create content using an existing page as an outline.
  • Advanced SaaS Application Writer – The AI Writer in the SaaS application is a more fully featured writer that can create an article to your exact specifications, whether you want to start from scratch with just an article idea or have an existing article.

At this time, SEOPilot supports the use of ChatGPT to write articles and an OpenAI API key is required to use both AI Writers. SEOPilot uses a “Bring Your Own Key” philosophy, which means that you must use your own OpenAI API Key to make use of our service.

In practice, this means that you pay SEOPilot to use our software and you pay OpenAI directly for any AI usage. This approach proves to be more cost-effective compared to plans where AI usage is bundled into the overall price. Setting up an OpenAI account and obtaining an API key is straightforward, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

ChatGPT Setup Pre-requisites #

To configure the SEOPilot AI Writer to write with ChatGPT, you’ll need the following:

  1. Have an OpenAI Platform account – register for (and verify) an OpenAI account at: A Platform account is a separate service which is billed using a credi-based system and is paid separately from ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus. You CANNOT use your ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus account.
  2. You must configure your OpenAI Account to work with the API and have billing enabled
  3. You must generate a ChatGPT OpenAI API Key with enough Credits on your ChatGPT account to generate articles.

Below, we’ll provide instructions on how to accomplish each of these.

Video Instructions #

Here is a video that walks you through the process that you can follow along and complete the steps:

Step-by-Step Instructions #

Step 01: Register for (and verify) an OpenAI Platform account #

If you don’t already have a platform account, you can register for a new OpenAI Platform account here: You’ll need to verify your email address by clicking on the link in an email sent by OpenAI and verify a phone number in a supported country.

Step 02: Generate an OpenAI API Key #

Once you have a platform account with OpenAI, you’ll need to generate an API key and add credits to your account. SEOPilot will use that API key to generate your articles and will draw from your balance of credits with ChatGPT. To generate an API Key, login to your ChatGPT account and access the platform area here: – then follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your OpenAI Platform account’s API keys page by going to this URL:
  2. Select “create new secret key” and give your api key a name you’ll remember
  1. When the key has been generated, click the Copy button
image 1
  1. Navigate to the API Key settings inside of SEOPilot here: and click on the Edit button and Paste your API Key into the API Key field, then hit the “Submit Button”:
image 2

That’s it! You should now be able to create articles inside of SEOPilot – both inside of the SaaS and the Chrome extension if you have the appropriate plan.

Add Billing & Payment Method and Add Credit to your Account #

After creating an OpenAI API key and saving it into SEOPilot, you’ll need to ensure you add a payment method or billing profile to your OpenAI Platform account and add credits to your account.

  1. Go to your Billing Overview in your OpenAI Platform account settings: and select the “Add Payment Details” Button
image 2
  1. Follow the prompts to provide whether you are an individual or business and then add credit card details
  2. After adding credit card details, set an initial credit purchase amount to provide an initial balance of credit for you to use with the ChatGPT API – the default is $10 and you can enter any value between $5 and $100 for your initial balance. NOTE: We also recommend setting up an automatic recharge to ensure that you always have a balance. SEOPilot requires you to have a non-zero balance with your ChatGPT API Credit to continue to work. Once you select your options, you’ll need to confirm payment on the next screen.
image 3

That’s it! Now that you’ve set up your OpenAI API Key with SEOPilot and added a payment method and have a credit balance, you can start generating articles! For assistance with that process, you can reference our guide on Creating an Article

Maintaining Positive Balance in ChatGPT and Auto-Recharge #

When you first create your account and add a billing profile, you will need to add credit to your account balance to use the OpenAI API. Once you’ve used up your credit balance, you will need to refill your balance before you are able to continue using the SEOPilot app. If you run out of your credit balance in the middle of creating an article in SEOPilot, your article may not complete. By default, your account does not automatically refill your balance. To ensure you have a seamless experience with the SEOPiplot writer, we recommend enabling auto-recharge in your OpenAI account. You can follow the instructions by OpenAI to achieve this:

Troubleshooting #

If you encounter an error while attempting to write an article, it typically indicates an issue with either your OpenAI account or API key.

Common causes of invalid keys:

  1. Typos: Make sure you haven’t mistyped or incorrectly copied your key. Copy the key again, ensuring accuracy.
  2. Throttling: If you experience intermittent errors with your API account, wait a few minutes and attempt the configuration again.
  3. Revoked key: If you’re using an old key that has been revoked, generate a new key in your account and try the setup once more.
  4. Free OpenAI account: Free accounts are not supported. To resolve, add a payment method and enable billing on your OpenAI Platform account.
  5. Insufficient Rate Limit: Ensure your account has an adequate rate limit. Double-check your rate limits and, if needed, contact OpenAI to request a rate limit increase. Please note that you may need at least a Tier 2 Usage Tier inside of your OpenAI Platform account in order to successfully generate some long articles. In November 2023, OpenAI introduced Usage Tiers with regards to rate limits. To check your usage tier, you can view your account limits page here:
Updated on February 1, 2024