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Hi – I’m Charlie Patel.

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Good tips and good story.
Good tips and good story. Discover valuable tips and creative B2C customer acquisition ideas to boost your strategies.
Biart Jeff
Great Collection.
Great Collection. Great ideas. Concisely written and can be applied straight away to the problemyou’re solving
Avish Rana
Excellent book!
Such a great mix of growth hacking ideas, tried and tested, and can really makea difference. Great job Charlie!
Ali. E
I subscribe to way too many newsletters most of which are never opened or deleted after a quick scan. Your email is one of only a handful that I actually read every day and save for future reference. Kudos!
Ariel Felder
Every day, I look forward to the Charlie at SEO Pilot email that educates or reinforces strategies or tactics that I can use for the companies of which I am a part. There is a great value from the concepts and the messaging is always simple and clear.
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