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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Pilot?
SEO Pilot is a comprehensive SEO tool designed to assist you in your daily SEO tasks. It provides accurate metrics and essential SEO information, conveniently accessible within your Chrome browser.
How can I install SEO Pilot for Chrome?
To install SEO Pilot for Chrome, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “SEO Pilot.” Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to integrate the extension into your browser.
Is it possible to retrieve contact information from webpages using SEO Pilot?
Yes, SEO Pilot can gather contact information, such as emails, phone numbers, and social media handles, from a webpage. For now, the phone number works only with US phone numbers. This feature proves useful for outreach and networking purposes.
Why is the extraction of heading structure important for SEO?
Clear and concise headings play a crucial role in SEO. They not only help search engines understand the content’s context but also aid users in navigating the page and finding relevant information more easily.
What is the AI Writer and how can I use it?

The AI Writer takes the headings and article title from your current browser tab and enables you to create a new AI Written article using those headings.  Prior to generating the article, you can edit, add, or remove any titles you want and with one click, generate a new article!

The AI Writer requires a paid plan with SEOPilot and also requires the use of your ChatGPT OpenAI API key.  Purchase details are coming soon!

Can I use SEO Pilot on other browsers besides Chrome?
As of now, SEO Pilot is available as an add-on specifically for Chrome browsers. We are continually exploring options to expand to other browsers in the future.
For any questions, concerns, or technical support related to SEO Pilot, please reach out to our customer support team at