If your plan supports it, you can add additional team members to your account to allow additional users to access your account. Here’s instructions on how to invite someone to your account:

  1. Go to the “Team” option within your Account Settings
image 5
  1. Select the “Invite a Team Member” button on the screen
image 6
  1. Enter the email address of the user you’d like to invite and select the appropriate role / level of access:
image 7
  1. SEOPilot will send the user an invite email asking them to join the Workspace you’ve invited them to. If the user does not have an account on SEOPilot, they will be prompted to sign up for an account. If the user already has an account on SEOPilot, they will be added as a user to the workspace you invited them from.

Team Member Functionality #

The following rules apply to a team member being added:

  1. A Team Member currently only gets access to a single workspace, the current workspace that you invite them from.
  2. Once added, the team member will receive access to all content within the workspace.
  3. Any content the team member generates will use the workspace’s OpenAI Key that is defined in the workspace settings. At this time, individual user keys are not supported.

Team Member Roles #

  • Owner – the account that signed up for the service and the source account used for the appropriate plan and plan limits. Any workspaces created by the owner will receive the plan limits associated with the owner account.
  • Admin – account that can manage workspace and team members and workspace settings (including OpenAPI Key), however they cannot manage billing and/or plans.
  • Member – account type that can create & edit content. This account type cannot do any of the following:
    • Change workspace settings or integrations
    • Manage team members
    • Manage Plans or Billing
Updated on January 29, 2024