SEOPilot is a Chrome Extension intended to assist you with all things SEO. It’s a free download that you can add to any Chrome browser that supports Chrome extensions. At it’s core, SEOPilot will always allow you to access a page’s SEO metadata so that you can assess how it will perform in page rankings, however some advanced functionality may require you to sign up for an account with our SaaS application at: to gain access to those features, such as the Contact Info scraper. Some functionality may also require a paid subscription to access as well, such as the AI Writer.

To get access to all free features, sign up for an account and login to our app by following these steps:

  1. Register for an SEOPilot Account on our website at:
  2. Verify your Email address by checking your email account and clicking on the verification link in the verification email you receive in your inbox
Updated on January 17, 2024