Prerequisites: #

Connect your WordPress website to SEOPilot SaaS platform. Go through this url and make sure all the steps are properly followed as mentioned.

Once you’ve integrated WordPress website on SEOPilot SaaS platform, you can set schedule on articles to publish to your WordPress website.

    Step-By-Step Instructions #

    1. Click on Publish dropdown on the generated-article page. It will open up a popup.
      set schedule 1
    2. On the Schedule modal, set WordPress address, post status (Publish or Draft), date and time. Click on Save.
      set schedule 2
    3. To see the schedule, click on Schedule from the sidebar.
      set schedule 3
    4. You’ll be able to see all the scheduled posts mentioned on a calendar.
      set schedule 4
    5. By clicking on a schedule you’ll be able to see the detailed information about the specific schedule.
      set schedule 5

    Note: Schedules are set based on user’s device time zone.
    If the article is not published and the status is “Failed”, you can go through this url to resolve your specific issue.

    Updated on April 4, 2024